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What’s In A Frame?

Frames and pictures have gone hand in hand for centuries. Although a handful of other items, like clocks, certificates or mirrors, might also now be found in frames, in most cases, when people think of frames they think of paintings or photographs. The modern reality is much more fun and versatile. With frames available in many sizes and depths, the range of things that they might now contain has exploded. Here we take a look at some of the most effective and popular ideas.

Sports Medals and Memorabilia

From tickets and programs to gloves, clothing and game balls, many sports fans collect memorabilia related to their sport of choice. Although the framing of medals is not new, recent decades have seen sports devotees take this to new levels and create displays that encompass whole teams or careers, many accompanied by famous pictures and autographs. These make for striking and interesting pieces and may be built up over years of small purchases, rather than requiring one large payment.

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Maps and Travel Mementos

A framed world map can make a pretty stunning piece all by itself and variations on country-maps, using different items or symbols to represent places, have been popular for a long time already. Tourist destinations evolved their own spin on this form by localising these further, making larger versions of smaller areas and emphasising tourist attractions. Just lately people have taken to creating to create a kind of collage of memories of a specific event. Now order at the comfort of your home and get your print and frame online.

Memories of Children

Many homes are adorned with pictures of the children who are growing up there. A nice twist on this is to create a framed collage of mementos. From locks of hair and hand and footprints to blankets and first drawings, the combination of items you choose to add to your piece is what will make it unique. The nature of this type of piece makes adding to it a joy and means it can be a hobby piece that you continue forever.

Creating a display With printing and framing like any of these has many benefits and advantages, the most noticeable being that you can tailor the display to the space that it will inhabit. Because they are personal and unique, they are great as conversation starters and any regular visitors will surely want to keep up with your progress. So have a think about what you’d like to collect and to see on your wall. These are a really fun and easy ideas to try for yourself. Fancy creating your own Frames? Click here to get drafting and have a go at creating your own versatile or mini Frames today .

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