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Old vs New Part 2 - The Pros & Cons of Modern Art

Our last post took a look at some of the pros and cons of traditional art forms and this time we are rounding that up with a view of their modern counterparts. Although it might not have the same depth of history, the ever-evolving nature of technology itself means that it might be tough to stay ahead of the game but digital forms still have a lot to offer.


• Accessibility

Much digital art is designed to be viewed through a screen, which suits modern lifestyles to a tee. The act of expressing ourselves online has become such a norm that pieces created using digital means now benefit from an instant connection with a huge audience, who relate to the form as much as the art.

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• Versatility

Mixing media using digital means can create some incredible results. The ability to create exact copies and then tweak certain aspects has led to a trend of reworking classics using digital media and modern themes. Van Gogh’s Starry Night is a brilliant example of this. Pop culture digital remakes of this classic work come in more varieties now than we have room to mention, but there are versions featuring characters like Batman, Snoopy and the Lion King, versions featuring landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and various cityscapes from around the world.

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• Productivity

Aside from the obvious practical aspect of this, like not having to wait for things to dry before adding to them, the ability to quickly and easily fix mistakes and leave no evidence of them being made is as valuable to the end product as it is to your time. There is also the bonus of not requiring a studio to use digital media. The ability to work at home adds yet more time for creativity.


• Limited Experience Available

The fact that digital media is so new in comparison to traditional art means that experienced teachers are hard to find and many school art teachers, although they would like to introduce more digital media to their classrooms, either aren’t provided with the means or don’t feel confident enough in their own knowledge of that area to do so.The constant updates to programs and techniques can also give them a short shelf-life.

• Costs

Although its fair to say that the average computer or digital device lasts longer than the average tube of paint or sketch pad, the electricity, equipment and various programs required to create digital art may be costly and constant updates can be tiresome to get to grips with. They can also be difficult to return if you find that they are not for you, so a try-before-you-buy is always advisable with expensive kit. At Draft frames, we amaze our customers with best photo framing in Dubai.

• Accessibility – The Flip Side

Where a sketch artist might whip out their pad and pencils in the park, a digital artist might be scuppered by a flat battery if they attempt to do the same. There is also the fact that some programs don’t work to their fullest extent on mobile devices, which might leave a digital artist lacking in a moment of inspiration.

Whether you are an artist or a consumer, checking out the full range of modes, means and methods can only ever open avenues to you, so have a look, and maybe try to make some comparisons for yourself.

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