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Make It Your Own - Framing Your Own Prints

Not a job most of us do very often, framing your own pictures should be as exciting as any other creative project. Although it is something unfamiliar to many people, getting it right can give you impressive results, while getting it wrong can leave you out of pocket and feeling frustrated.

Whether it’s a gift for your home or for someone else, our website also has a range of unique and creative ideas for you to frame, including map prints, canvas prints and birth posters.

Here we’ve compiled a handy guide to framing to help you get it right first time every time.

Assess your piece and your space

Ideally, your new frame will be one of the ties that bind your piece to your room. You want to be looking at different materials and colours for your frame here and thinking about whether you’d like your piece to stand out or blend in.

Should prints be matted?

Matting or mounting board provides an edging between the photo frame and your print. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, non-acidic matting or board is best, as it won’t damage your picture. This edging gives your framed picture a fully finished effect and is well worth paying attention to.

If you fancy having a go at creating your own edging, the uncut board is available and can be arranged however you like, including cutting multiple shapes for a collage effect.

What type of glass is used for picture frames?

There are different types of glass used in framing. Regular plate glass is the cheapest option but it offers the least protection. Conservation clear glass blocks 99% of UV rays and costs a little more. Museum glass is the most expensive of the glass options but it offers 99% UV protection and is non-reflective, giving a better view of the picture within.

The best way to make this decision is to weigh up the cost of the picture versus the cost of the glass involved.

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How to choose the right size frame for a picture?

This is important at all stages of the framing process. Measure your print first. You need this measurement to be able to buy matting and a frame to fit it. Standard matting puts 2 inches between the print and the frame but sticking to this is really a matter of taste. The measurement from the outside edge of the matting and then is used to fit the frame.

There’s a lot to choose from in both frames and mats so take your time and try to find the best combination to suit your purpose. Using the internet to search for colour scheme ideas is a good idea, too. Get creative and make it your own.

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