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Make Your Home A Tribute To Your Family This Mothers Day

Our mum’s do a lot for us. From first bringing us into the world to showing us how it works and preparing us to tackle it alone, we really couldn’t do it without them. With Mothers Day fast approaching, your chance to give your mum a big fat “Thank you!” for all the work she does is here.

A picture is worth a thousand words and arranged in the right way, they can tell your family history. The gift of a beautiful and unique display for your mother to show off her family is bound be a hit and can be added to in future years to continue the story.
Pictures of special events like births, marriages, and graduations are already popular features in many homes. Adding a few less-official and more natural pictures between these in a display can really help showcase the personalities in your family and makes a fabulous talking point.

Planning Your Display


Arranging your pictures in groups will help to convey your message. This might be done by generation, by family group or in any other grouping you have within your family. Alternatively, you could use the picture chronologically (in the order they were taken in) to create a sort of family timeline.

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How you space and place your pictures will depend on both your available space and the size and amount of pictures you wish to display. Finding examples of other displays online might provide some inspiration here. Some nice examples are:

The Mosaic Display

Placing the frames close together in squares, circles, or random clusters. This works well if you have many smaller pictures, as it helps any larger ones stand out, too.

Family Tree Display

If you can find a single picture for each member of the family, this can make for a particularly effective display and tells a story all by itself.

The Timeline Display

Arranging the pictures using any method here but in chronological order. If you have a large space and a lot of pictures, this could well be the one to aim for.

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This is really important as it can really change the aesthetic of your display. Smaller displays will suit matching frames, such as our own mini frames, much better, where a larger mosaic-style display can be really enhanced by random frames. This one is really a personal choice and will obviously depend on any décor already in place.

If you are one of a number of siblings, you could try coordinating with them to all give part of the display as a Mother's day gift. Seeing her children working together to make her happy is sure to swell your mother’s heart and make her day.

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