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Shadow Boxes – Creating Worlds and Scenes Within 3D Frames

A shadow box is basically a deep-set frame with a glass front. Instead of containing single images or prints, shadow boxes can contain, well, anything you like. Some are tributes to people or pets, containing quotes written inside and then usually some other associated item(s) in the display. Some are artworks in their own right, used to display 3D techniques, or to create an illusion. Because of the personal nature of these pieces, the projects they have been used for are endless.


These are some of the most popular themes for shadow boxes at the moment, with motivational and inspirational quotes printed in the back and something fun and eye-catching in with it. Some contain glitter or tiny toys and trinkets. This style of the box also makes a great display and a fun project for a special occasion.


Shadow boxes make very beautiful and personal tributes. Though the boxes tend to be starker, with loving quotes or messages often accompanied by a single item (jewels or dried flowers are popular choices), the feeling that goes into them is hard to escape.

As well as human tributes, many people are now using shadow boxes to commemorate their pets, with tags or other related items along with the animal’s name printed in the back. At Draft frames, we amaze our customers with best photo framing in Dubai.


Traditionally used in card making, quilling involves curling and manipulating thin strips of card, creating shapes that can be glued onto a backing to become larger images. This 3D effect works beautifully inside a shadow box, where the depth is emphasized.

Mini-Model Scenes

Polymer clay is fairly cheap, easy to use, and comes in such a wide variety of colors that painting is minimal. Shadow boxes allow the creation of tiny scenes that can be built up layer by layer, from the background forward. These are very effective as well as being a lot of fun to plan a make.

3D Art

From collages and layered, cut wood to scenes made with natural debris like sticks, pebbles, shells, and leaves, there are no limits on the materials you can use to bring your own shadow box to life. Planning and creating a scene in a box allows you to experiment with different materials to see which best suits your desired effect and some of the effects so far have been dazzling.

And if you still don’t fancy having a bash at your own, there a many available to buy and you can even have them personalized and built for you by someone with the experience to do it with flair. Their unique quality makes them brilliant as gifts for many occasions and they are particularly popular as wedding gifts. Fancy creating your own 3D Shadow Frame? Click here to get drafting and have a go at creating your own unique Shadow Boxes frames today..

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